Stormy Solem
Stormy Solem





Cutie Mark

Lightning bolt with thundercloud


Mother: Unknown Pegasas Father: Unknown Pegasas Siblings: Numbus Qusar


Stormy Solem was born in Cloudsdale. Her parents are unknown, but they are pegasi. She was due 9 days before her birth. She had a hard time, but she made it. Her brother was born 1 day after her, but he likes to be called "older" than her. The wierd thing was, she was born with her cutie mark. She learned how to fly, corral clouds, and speed-fly. One day, she realized why she was born with her cutie mark. She used wingpower to create stormclouds. After her foalhood, she moved to Yanhoover, while her brother stayed in Cloudsdale. She has had a happy foalhood and dreams of one day being a weather creator.

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